Man, it's been a while....

....since I've been on here. But with my schedule, I just didn't have time to be EVERYWHERE, unless I cloned myself 5 times. But I'm back now and should be able to pop on here every once in a while.


Also joined Wattpad, and posting (meaning continuing) hauntedROOM a pseudo-paranormal psychological thriller. I'll be positing the next chapters soon as I can once I locate my word document from my old laptop. You can read here:


Oh, and the novella I've been working on? It's in the process of being edited and beta read by 3 people. I have to get my act together otherwise I'm going to get rioted rofl. But this is great that it actually feels like this is coming true, y'know? The whole process towards getting published. It's so exciting for me!



Plus, job hunting as per usual since my last job was a seasonal one. Also I'm taking my driver's test sometime before the end of this month amongst other things. There's still lots for me to do in between writing and reality at times. So don't worry, I will be around, just need to get myself and life straightened out then I can relax and actually know what I'm doing. But right now there's so much unknown that I can't really say when or where I'm going lol.


Thank you for sticking with me though, I really appreciate it. :3