Internet Problems

So...I've been having quite a lot of problems connection-wise lately. Hence the reason why you haven't really seen me around. Never fear, I've been writing in my spare time. Originally I had taken a break from the internet due to a problem, but it seems it was misunderstood. But now trying to go online whether it's on here or Goodreads, I cannot seem to access either site well.


Goodreads just keeps on loading and loading endlessly on a blank page, and when it does load (which is rarely) everything is glitched. I cannot do anything with it. I've been waiting it out, trying every day to no avail. I hope at some point it'll go back to normal and I can get back on. But until then, I can't do anything.


I even thought signing out would help but it doesn't really do anything. Heck, it doesn't even officially recognizes that I've signed out. And I've 'signed out' like nearly 8 times now. *sighs*


As for Booklikes, it was a struggle just to get to the text page to write this. I can't even try and load a GIF without having to reload the page. It is an extremely frustrating experience. I just hope I don't have too much problems just trying to post this as I have been.


So rest assured! I am *alive*. Just unable to get on, and I have no idea how long this will go on for. 


I can access twitter without problems, so you can talk with me there! But until then, I'm pretty limited until things fix themselves. *sadface*