My Immortal

My Immortal - Tara Gilesbie {March 28th, 2014} THE REVIEW

I read this a while was a hilariously groanfest for me. Just ohmyundying.... Sure at first I was like "haha, it can't be THAT bad, could it?" Boy was I ever quickly proven wrong. Grammar people and all that jazz that comes with the systematics of languages will quickly get a headache from trying to decipher its contents. I've spent the last four something years dealing with nothing but English, even took a linguistics course among others that can add to the reading experience of this with the results ending up in a proverbial headache.

Not to mention its a badly written Harry Potter fanfic. I can seriously label this as troll author, because wow, you trolled me good. I honestly don't know if this work is being serious or not. I sincerely hope it's the later. O_o

Ironically it made me laugh so hard that I got headaches, go figure.