In Which I Make Some Progress


Hey there y'all! Been marathoning the seventh season of Murdoch Mysteries lately while working on my take-home AND replotting my novella ChosenOne. I've already fixed up Part One and a quarter of Part Two. I'm truthfully excited to see how it fares with people's reaction. I hope it'll be a favourable one. Now this picture above, I found somewhere, and I do state that I did not create nor designed this and credit this to it's original owner. It truly reminds me of the Origin Myth of my series overall. 


ChosenOne may not exactly be the "first" book but it is definitely the first of the Trilogy, serving as a novella, numbered 0.5 in chronological order. These novellas will focus on certain characters and reveal a certain aspect of the overall story of the trilogy--the trilogy will tell the majority of the story however.


Originally this trilogy The AfterDawn Legacy never existed until I was exploring and figuring out certain things pertaining to what I call the Present Day Storyline. It is an overall universe that poses different stories (they don't fallow a pattern if you are curious), they all will be associated with the overall mythology I've created over the years. I'm not certain if I'll ever get to tell these stories, but I'll certainly be writing them in-between projects. Just so people don't think I'm milking it rofl. Because that is not what this is, it's a universe that has more than one story attached to them.


Regardless, I hope to unveil more soon, once I finish my replotting notes and begin my rewritings for ChosenOne. :3



Updated this post like I said I would lol.