In Which I Just Don't Know Anymore


Gah, I hate feeling so conflicted. It's draining. Today just really given me a beating on so many levels. It's utterly ridiculous. Between being sick to my stomach to the point I nearly passed out on the street to getting lost on my way to write my job test. Honestly there's been so many highs and lows that I just asdfghjkl. And now more drama. I just don't get it anymore. I try to be fair but I've realized knowing the whole story is better. Should have just stuck to my motto. *sighs*


So now I'm just bowing out of any drama now of that subject. Because honestly its not fair to me or my stomach (I get in SUCH big knots about it and all that ugly stuff). And I'm just tired of it.


On another note, I'm rather hopeful for the possibility of being called back for an interview for that position I wrote the test for, but who knows. At least my getting lost to the building hopefully won't go unrewarded? And hopefully my gut instincts triumph again lol. I'll keep you in the loop everyone once I know. :DDD


And that exam that I didn't really have ANY time to study for? Well, I think I did quite alright on it. I was surprised. And thankful, considering I was seriously not in the mood for it on several accounts AND had to get up at 6am on a Saturday AND had a problem this morning (upset stomach due to nerves)...I'm very pleased by the turn of events rofl.


Now just have an essay to finish for Monday (I know, not too much time left there gurl rofl) and my final exam which is on the 22nd but it is a take-home that I'll receive Tuesday.


I still can't believe I'm nearly done with university completely. It's rather sad. Hell, I was getting teary-eyed just walking around campus. I plan to visit again, since it provides rather lovely inspiration for my stories--well anywhere does really. :3


Until next time, I have an essay to write in the meantime, but I'll be posting snippets of my novella ChosenOne perhaps in the next few days maybe once I have time. o: