Guess What Day It Is Today?


If you guessed the weekend or Friday or whatever else you call freedom, then you are indeed correct!


Just a quick update of some sort (and make it look like I'm actually doing SOMETHING with this thing lmao). Gosh, I'm so terrible and lazy with this lol. Regardless, still fending off essays, so no luck writing on my stories in the meantime unfortunately. >_<;


I also received an email back from a job position I really wanted the other day. I have to write a test for it and pass in order to get the in-person interview. Unfortunately its the same date and time as one of my final exams. So I'm trying to get around it. And today I found out who to go to for this mess. Unfortunately I have to wait until next week to find out the verdict. What he'll say on regards of my deferring my exam or not is entirely up to him. Hopefully all goes well, because this position would be nice to get and one of my dream jobs or rather what I've love for a dream job--surrounded by books galore!


Also to all the awesome people that are following me, thank you so much! <3


Other than that, I really have nothing much to say yet, sorry... x:


Here's a kitty for your troubles!