Legacy Lost: A Tor.Com Original

Legacy Lost - Anna Banks Even so, Grom can’t help but think the Syrena lost more than both of them. [...] But also a hope, one passed down from generation to generation. A hope for a prosperous future. A hope for protection from the humans once they inevitably invade every part of the ocean.

3.5 Stars at least.

I had been debating on reading the series, The Syrena Legacy, until I read this prequel. Although it's short, like really short, which kind of downplays the interactions between Grom and Nalia severely, it does possess potential. Also I think it might have been more powerful if more care was taken with the length and wording perhaps. I too, felt the 'pull' of this series, unfortunately it fell short.

Other than that, I liked it enough to pick up the next book, although I'm a bit cautious about it still this is mostly because of the reviews that the series has gartered that leaves me apprehensive to read onwards.

love all the covers for this series though

It's a shame though, considering the last several sentences of this haunts me, luring me like a siren's song to read more, even though I honestly don't know if I can. Totally conflicting. Might read it if I get the chance to borrow it from somewhere though. I only give this the benefit of the doubt because the idea of a lost legacy fascinates me deeply.