The Department of Alterations: A Tor.Com Original

The Department of Alterations: A Tor.Com Original - Gennifer Albin 1 to 1.5 Stars at best.

Welp, this was rather, um, disappointing I should say in the least.

Of course this might be attributed to the fact that I haven't read the novel that follows this prequel, Crewel. So please bare with me here, I only read this because its short and fast and I can usually tell if I want to read the series or novel, makes it easier for me than picking up the novel and having to input what I liked and didn't like.

It might be the site where this was hosted, but the formatting was a bit ajar-ring (gah apparently I'm spelling words that make zero sense, just as about much as this story did unfortunately). It felt--nay, fell flat. I liked the first bit, but the stuff in-between took away from the story. Might be how this was executed and the writing style that rubbed me the wrong, I have not idea. The transition just was choppy, it didn't flow (although it was nice to see where and how she ended up there).

But to be honest this felt very The Handmaid's Tale -ish to me. You know the one by Atwood? I really loathed that book. I liked the aspects of it, but it just frustrated me and want to throw the book out the window and into the snow. THIS is what this prequel made me feel. I felt like I was back in that same tone of storytelling.

Although the whole matter and aspect of what was given in regards to her husband really disgusts me, hence the 1.5 to 2 stars. I think that, the tailor and his patchwork talk, and the cover is what saved it for me. It's just unfortunate that the character felt flat and the tone took me back to Handmaid's Tale, like UGH.......I really wanted to like you book, its frustrates me to no end!!

Personally, if this served as a prologue then a chapter or two from the novel, then it might have worked out better for me. Instead this pretty much had me floating along, just plain lost in everything and curious (about the tailor and patchworks) but it fell short when it ended. Hence the confuzzled feeling I'm having. That and the fact it felt like I got ripped off. There wasn't enough substance, and it makes me sad.

So no I will not be continuing this series which is unfortunate considering the premise blurb on Crewel looked promising.

Just an unfortunate confusing mess for me. *le sigh* :/