Shadow (The Paper Gods)

Shadow - Amanda Sun {Feb 10th 2014} UPDATE retrying attempt to write this, but too frustrated to bother at the moment unfortunately, since GR made my almost finished review disappear again, will attempt to write this review tomorrow most likely.

[Katie's] heart pulsed like the earthquake, like the turbluence on the plane. [She] looked at the bloom in [her] hand, brushed [her] fingers over the soft petals. [Katie] lifted the flower to [her] nose and breathed in the sweetness, feeling like [she'd] been dreaming all this time.

Feeling like [she] was about to wake up.

3.5-4 Stars.

Japanese culture has always fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

My deepest apologises!

[Tomohiro] woke to the sound of [his] clock ticking in the darkness. [He] woke to shadow, and silence, and the uncertainty of what was to come.