Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary - Stephen King {Feb 11th 2014} UPDATE

Welp I've probably shot myself in the foot because I'm one of the biggest scaredy cats EVER to grace this planet then again it depends, my cousin is a even bigger one and pretty much used me as a shield one Halloween when we were visiting a haunted farm and I just greeted every single costume-wearing person confusing the hell out of them, it was hilarious rofl. But regardless, I've been known to scream for several minutes after something happens in one of these, but my younger brother is slowly coaxing me out of it by pretty much putting me through hellifying scare-a-thons and horrorifying-a-thons, etcetera. It doesn't help that both my boyfriend and brother love horror stuff lmao.

Time to remedy myself further with this one, once I get my hands on a copy however... [shudders] >_<;