The Cocktail Party

The Cocktail Party - T.S. Eliot ***Read for University***

2.5 stars actually.

At first I thought this play would be like the many others I've read (this excludes Shakespeare because he's in a category of his own in a sense to me) and well, I've must say I don't have very much luck with a play I've read for university most times. However thankfully, while this one did start out rather brain numbing for me, it sort of grew on me. The prose is lyrical and poetic, and in free verse, but I have to say that's pretty much what I liked for most part. But people wouldn't talk like this, unless they're in a play of course rofl. Either way I liked it.

Reason why this gets a higher ranking is because I've read worse ones in my time at university, and boy, let me tell you, you'll end up with a headache of some sort and yet wonder if you're still lucid at times rofl.