The Communist Manifesto (Oxford World's Classics)

The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels ***Read for my Classics Challenge***

It would have been 1.5 stars, but upon my reasons listed below, I've presented this with 2.5 stars.

I've read this like 3-4 times prior to rereading it again now. My most recent reread of this "manifesto" was in my 3rd year (I'm now finishing my 4th year of university) in my Critical Theory class. And while rereading this I just had his voice just kind of whispering over my shoulder, reading it to me, kind of creepy sort of but whatever lol, his voice was just right for the class.

Regardless, I think its interesting to see how these findings to apply in various parts of history regarding civilization, or at least from what I recall when this was used in class (this was used for at least 3 of my classes, and referred to by 2 others). Then again most of these kinds of texts are used this way, Marx's is no different. Used as a study to apply to society, you get an eye opener to various matters, while you may not exactly agree with most that is said like this manifesto it is interesting when you think about societies in general.

Most of these societies that we read about in philosophical terms and the likes, you can see where Utopians and Dystopians can emerge from. Especially when these terms and rules and boundaries that these authors' and philosophers' are applied in extreme cases (either extreme left or right or however it may become). It would be interesting to one day play around with these thinkings in writing terms or any kind of story in general.

Just some food for thought if you are debating on reading this or not!