Glitches (Lunar Chronicles, #0.5)

Glitches (Lunar Chronicles, #0.5) - Marissa Meyer 4.5 Stars (almost 5 stars, GAAAAAH SO CLOSE, probably because I wanted MOARRRRR).

I now have a more profound appreciation for Cinder's character. Detailing her beginnings as she finds herself in the care of Garan, Adri and their two daughters: Pearl and Peony--Glitches illustrates the depth of Cinder's character once was prior to becoming more accustomed to delving and allowing her cyborg robotic side dominate herself.

Before I had mixed thoughts on the first book Cinder because it felt dull in tone at times and I felt that the literary boundaries could have been pushed a tad bit more than it had been. Still it was a relatively good story, however my expecations were probably higher than I had expected. But of course, I'm thinking about a book I read back in June 2012. And I still haven't gotten the chance to read the second book Scarlet, and now with the third book Cress about to be released I feel left out. Feeling out in the sense that I've read both novellas here, and they show what I was missing in the first book emotionally. I do not know whether Meyer had did that on purpose or is just improving or not--it excites me greatly to read more.

yes i had been seriously debating on continuing this series due to the fact the first book left me rather disappointed and disjointed in a sense, thankfully this has been remedied now with those two novellas, i only ask that the following novels continue this renewed feeling for me

I'm rather thankful for this novella. It feels as if Meyer is improving with the overall atmospheric tone of the story. Although I think this is what I was missing from the first book. The poignant tone that has emotion hidden there but is unable to express it fully. Perhaps that's why I felt something was missing in Cinder. I was missing this feeling, this overall connection between me, the reader, and Cinder, the protagonist. It might be because at that point in time, Cinder has lost this feeling as she hardens and becomes more robotic over her time with her adoptive family, especially with the way she is treated. Cinder is such a strong girl, it's incredible.

My only complain is, had this been in the first book, I would have forgiven that aspect of the book, or if it at least held that sense of hidden emotion just waiting to burst through but is unable to do so.

Looking forward to grabbing my copies of Scarlet and Cress when I get the chance!!