Shadow Days (Nightshade, #0.5)

Shadow Days (Nightshade, #0.5) - Andrea Cremer Thanks GR, for making me delete this review by accident (yet again).

ANYWAYS, retry two.

1.5 Stars at best. [sighs]

Welp, this hasn't really made me want to read the actual series any bit. First I started off liking Shay considerably, despite complaints in other reviews about how such a "d*ck" he is. At first I couldn't see it. Probably because he was first. Eventually it just spiralled downwards to the point I was like NOPE. This is mainly caused by his unhealthy obsession with his uncle's library. And this is coming from the girl who wants to have her very OWN library. It changes him, and not exactly in the good sense. Hence my constant sighing and realization of why it felt so long. The book kind of pretty much dragged onwards after my last update. I got frustrated and annoyed.

Trust me, you don't like it when I get frustrated and annoyed while reading in the bad sense. It turns reading into a chore. Something I loathe greatly. I love reading. When it become a "chore" that's when the fun stops. And that's what happened here for me.

So it just reconfirmed my hesitation to read this series. I feel that I'll be frustrated and annoyed greatly throughout it. Especially from other reviews I read concerning Ran, one of the main love interests of Nightshade if I remember correctly?

Either way it seems I'll be getting a headache if I read the series. But again I don't know. If I get it from someone then I'll likely give it a chance. But as for me seeking out a copy myself, I am highly doubtful of that.

A shame to be honest, was really considering reading this series until I hit that snag, oh well... :/