The Stranger

The Stranger - Anna Banks What the humans threw away turned out to be a priceless treasure to [Galen].

3 Stars.

Still hesitant regarding the series. But I really do like the whole merpeople aspect of the story. We meet not only Galen but Toraf and Rayna in this short story. I have rather mixed feelings about the ending, but I guess its more explained in the novels (at least I would hope so). Regardless I liked how the writing flowed in various parts. Rachel's character kind of irked me off a fair bit however once I got to know her character. What really made me dislike and distrust her wasn't just her term of endearment "sweet pea" was this line:

“You shouldn’t trust me,” Rachel says flatly. “In fact, you shouldn’t trust any humans."

Yes, exactly why I don't really trust YOU Rachel. But regardless, this story shows exactly why human contact should be exercised with the utmost caution for merpeople in general. Galen knows this, yet he's still young and naive about the human world. I think that's what I love most about Galen's character.

Love the cover for this one, but the story wasn't exactly what I imagined it to be prior to reading.