Illumine (Illumine, #1)

Illumine (Illumine, #1) - Alivia Anders 3.5 Stars.

I really wanted to like this book, I do, but I think it fell short somewhere. Or maybe I read it at the wrong time, or it felt really different from what I thought it would be. Still I thought it was good, despite feeling like I was missing from the story overall. The characters vivid (although something felt off for me, I dunno). The settling seemed to be okay. The dialogue was witty. The character interactions were very lovely, hilarious at times. Perhaps its more of the fleshing out for this story. Or the fact it was done in 1st POV, I always did have trouble with 1st POV. It's very quick, in 1st POV, and a very light read.

So why do I feel meh?

I'm not exactly entirely sure. Then again this is the debut novel for Alivia Anders. And I do see potential. I would definitely read more of the story to see where it goes, I do want to know. And I do feel there will be improvement throughout this series. i only say this because my first completed book was absolute crap and i havent had the chance nor the guts to return to it and finish, anders succeeds where i dont, and thats why im giving the benefit of the doubt and another try by continuing this series

I still remain hopeful as I continue this series when I get the chance. :3

I didn't know that my copy contained a bit of the second book, and I must say, I'm enjoying it a lot more. I'm glad to see that the writing does improve and that the characters seem to be more solid. I'm very curious to see where this story goes. o: