Vathek - William Beckford,  Thomas Keymer 1.5 stars.

This was a terrible mess. I'm not sure whether I'm at fault or it's Beckford's way of writing this or not, but this one most certainly frustrated me greatly. Drowning my in hug paragraphs where at times more than one person would speak mixed with lots having at once. There's no chapters (which might have helped the pacing a bit, but alas). I just grew more and more irritated as I read onwards. Only understand bits and pieces here and there and the occasional paragraph.

I'm aware that Beckford was an ecctrict millionaire that wrote and published this, but out of all the authors of earlier centries I found this book one of the hardest to understand and depicfier. Again this might have been due to lack of sleep and the last few days being highly stressful, but I have no idea.

And to think this one was one of the texts I was considering doing my presentation on for this class...I'm glad I decided on an earlier one now. o_O;

I might understand this better once we do the class and siminars on this text, so I may return and add my final thoughts on this book.

But as it is at the moment, this is way too confusing and irritating for me... >_<;