The Accidental Siren

The Accidental Siren - Jake Vander Ark HOLY. CRAP.

That was just.....just.....JUST WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ????????


I was like, "It's an okay book" but when it hit a certain part in it, I was like...a Zomb Ferret too lol. I just needed to know what happened. And it was DEEPLY rewarding. Like holy cow. What a climax of an ending. It was certainly edgy and something remarkable to read. I'm honored to have stumbled upon Jake Vander Ark's work. And I'll certainly be picking up a paper copy once I stumble upon it. I want to read the prologue and epilogue -- yes I read this on wattpad, mainly because I was curious and deeply amused how every review was like 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 5 4 5 5 5 5, etc etc.

And where to start?

The characters were quite something. Each alive and a faithful reminder that kids can get like that. It was crazy. And it was played rather honestly. For those of you who read it will probably be going, "ARE YOU INSANE?" but I am right. I've seen such cruel sick actions depicted in this story. Oh it was just endearing. Vander Ark has a talent of allowing readers into loving a character SO much then twisting your heart to hate the living guts of the said character lol.

And the plot, while at first it was a bit hard to get into at first for me. It's probably because I've been doing NOTHING but essays as of late, so that's probably screwing with my feelings for this story. But honestly it was so honest. Well it played honest. Everything depicted in the story certainly felt real, like a mind-trip back to my own childhood when I was that age. It was crazy. It was hormones GALORE. It had sickening INSANITY. Most of all it was something that made you think about and reflect.

And good god the climax just left me breathless. Speechless even, as you saw at the beginning of this review. I was just stunned as the story transformed me along with its twists and turns. It was just amazing. I honestly thought I knew how something was going to happen and yet it turns completely upside-down.


But in all it was certainly a blast. I'm quite glad I read it. And I see hope in the writing world once more. It was new, dark, vibrant, edgy, stunning piece of work. I truthfully don't know how to describe or express it anymore but WOW.

Keep on writing Jake Vander Ark!

I look forward to reading the others you have on wattpad and adding them to my ever-growing book collection in the flesh....or rather in the paper. o3o

Thank you for an exciting new read! <3<br/>