Mirrorscape - Mike Wilks 3 to 3.5 stars at best.

FINALLY found this book after x number of years (I think almost 3-5 yrs give or take), that was ridiculous...

Wow, I just REALLY wanted to give this 5 stars just for its originality and world, but alas I could not. I'm not sure what it is exactly about the story that makes me love/hate it in such a way. Perhaps it was the prose, but it had it good moments. Perhaps it was the somewhat predictability of the plot for me from what I remembered (I accidentally stopped a few years ago when I lost it during a clean up in my room). Perhaps it was the characters, in the sense they did not draw me in as most characters tend to do YET they were certainly interesting to follow along as I got wrapped up in the story.

Still it felt like the book did NOT like me, kept me at a distance it did.

It's SUCH an odd feeling in that sense...

Regardless it was a good story, certainly one I would read the next book JUST to see how the world in it would work and grow and develop. :3

Until next time!