March Story, Volume 1

March Story, Vol. 1 - Kim Hyung-Min, Yang Kyung-Il WOW THIS IS LIKE GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! <3333<br/>
The art and story are splendid and I just fell in love with the story and the art. I was reminded of D.Gray-Man another series that I really do love, but I must say...March Story stole my heart away from D.Gray-Man. o.o

The fact that March turns out to be female and her own tragic story really impacts you. I never felt so engrossed or moved by a story like this. And the fact there's many males in D.Gray-Man compared to females (and I always thought the females' power were a bit lacking whereas the males didn't). But I still love reading D.Gray-Man, well I'd have to considering I own almost all the volumes lol.


Back to March Story. I really do believe its something unique and should be read. The art is just beautiful and stunning to look at, and it compliments the story remarkably.

Can't wait for volume 2.

More people should read this remarkably underrated series by two talented and wonderful authors.