Stormcatcher - Colleen Rhoads Although I really really really liked loved the story, sadly there was a certain aspect that distracted me greatly.

Do not read if you will be offended (it is only my pet-peeve senses tingingly in a sense, & I have several plus opinions and perspectives differ from one to another, so don't judge me in particular).
The whole "Christian" aspect in the entire story.

Look I'm aware that it was a "Christian" book, and there were certain aspects that I was like, "Eh okay" like normal stuff however there was ONE particular spot that irked me. It was just how it was said. But yeah it was just yeah no lol. But I guess I deserved it for picking up a "Christian" elements based story lol.

But other than that, I really liked the whole mythology and diving and sunken ships and murderous happenings of the story. Felt a bit light on the suspense & thriller side, but it was enough for me.

I will be attempting to find the previous two books in the Great Lakes Legends, mainly because of the Objiwe mythology (I have a hint of Obijwe blood in me) and I really loved the Thunderbird angle in the story.