Mercy - Rebecca Lim Mercy. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. What can I say but WOW.

An angel in exile ... and yet you don't even know WHAT you did wrong?

For this unique perspective I'm giving you (yes, you Mercy the book) a 4.5 stars, mostly because of the pacing and one other thing mainly.

Now the story basically follows a fallen angel named Mercy that has 'fallen' into the body of Carmen this time. Apparently Mercy has a cursed cycle of punishment, forcing her to live through another's life, but for what reason -- its never really stated but its hinted though. However this time Mercy's new life as 'Carmen' is more than it meets the eye. Carmen is a foster child now living with a deeply distraught family whose daughter Lauren has been missing nearly two years. As the story progresses, so does the mystery of what happened to Lauren slowly unravels. Together with Ryan (Lauren's twin brother), Mercy (as Carmen) search for clues to discover what happened to Lauren.

Certainly a good blend of suspense, mystery with supernatural elements tie the book together. The characters certainly were developed very well. I was impressed. Most characters of books tend to fall short in an area or two, but Rebecca Lim prevents it. Especially Mercy -- she was certainly a strong character, even giving Carmen the nudges of confidence that she needs and whatnot. Ryan isn't that moody broody (well okay, he is, but its to be expected) but he actually does SOMETHING about it, which really shows his character. I just really adored each character. I just wanted to read more and more.

While at first the pacing felt a bit slow but it eventually picked up the pace, which was fine with me. I'm used to reading books with VERY sluggish starts, or even numerous false starts lol. However that wasn't what irked me the most.

I think in particular was how the high school melodrama has been redone NUMEROUS times.


This Australian author certainly makes it easier to bare.


The ending, while highly satisfying in its own way with everything wrapping up perfectly and whatnot, just left me leaving more. Just when it was getting GOOD. ASDFGHJKL. I think that's my only main complaint. Especially now when I have to actually go looking for the other three books! Not that I'm terribly mad, but honestly! It got cut off TOO soon for me!

I (and my brain and whatever else) need my books, as much as my body needs its nutrients and its blood lol.

Thanks for listen to me rambling yet again guys and gals. <3