The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Trilogy, Book 2)

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner OH. MY. GOD.

I forgot how much this series made me LOVE/HATE it torn. I still fondly remembering reading the first one until then end, so heavily engrossed with the overall story, before SCREAMING my head off for a good few minutes until people in the house told me to SHUT UP. This book did the same. Only it was more of jumps and eye twitching and making my hands fists angrily and resisting on throwing the book across the room once more or even running away....oh wait, I did that, while screaming like a little girl/boy. .____."


This book really just engrossed me heavily. All the twists and turns and uncertainty hanging in the air. Answers yet to be found. Confusion of WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE MAZE IS GOING ON?! I can only assume the answers are in the last book, but I digress.

Now out of the Maze, they enter the Scorch -- a vast wasteland where they must travel to the "safe haven". What's the obstacles? No one really knows. Various obstacles as the Gladers journey through this new world are Cranks, Killer Storms, and whatever the hell WICKED has prepared for them to achieve their "variables". To be honest I still think for some experiment this is hell lol. Insanity really.

However Thomas and the other Gladers strive onwards facing various dangers that the Scorch has in store for them. I mean, I was just getting goosebumps from every single one of these things. It was bloody insane. Still I'm amazed with what WICKED had thrown at the Gladers and have them still survive. It's crazy. And good god, I need new words for crazy lol. But it was indeed.

One hell of a ride and I only yearn to see how it unfolds in the last book, so I'm going to read like a Crank lol.

Sorry, Crank humour, and NO I do not have the stop thinking it!