The Death Cure (Maze Runner Trilogy)

The Death Cure - James Dashner WOW.

That was SOME wild ride.

I really have to admit this was really well done, even if it left some questions for the reader in the end. But those of you who believe there's quite a few plot holes, I didn't really see that. If you thought about it, it explained it quite well, even leaving certain bits and pieces here and there for the reader to decide for themselves.

Sometimes I rather like a book that leaves me questions and make me think. It really makes the experience more real and have a defining value. I mean sure this was one hell of a crazy ride with Cranks and whatnot going on, but it was a hell of a good one lol.

The characters really did play their part well. And if people actually thought about it, this is written in 3rd POV omniscient, which means its 1st POV only in 3rd POV, so of course some characters will seem pushed to the sidelines after awhile. I really did think while Dashner did gloss over various details that he really didn't need to spell it out directly. He knows we readers are smart. So why bother? It's like hitting us over and over the head with the book going, "Thomas did THIS. Newt did THAT. Minho went OH SHUCKING YEAH." But I digress lol.

Then again I'm a writer myself so I can understand this type of writing. I mean, I had an easier time following Dashner than some other authors that just spoon-fed ya every single detail and info. He had it run smoothly and it flowed. I think it was wonderfully done since I couldn't stop reading it for the life of me (especially when I was supposed to be doing my essays....whoops?). Regardless I was satisfied.

Now one thing that bugged me the most was a HELL of a lot of deaths. DEATH HERE. DEATH THERE. DEATH EVERYWHERE. IT'S CALLED 'THE DEATH CURE' FOR A REASON LOLOLOLOLOL. Death cures all it seems. Oh the irony of that lol. However, the deaths really did impact me. To me this was a battle torn world fighting against a fatal disease that would consume the sane and full the world with madness, just absolute madness. It was just bloody crazy. Yet I could see it happening to our world if we're not careful.

HOWEVER the deaths throughout this series were really necessary in my eyes. As an aspiring author myself, I have always struggled with my own characters dying and whatnot. Sometimes there's absolutely no way for the story to move forward or for the main protagonist to act a certain way unless this death happens. I've seen it. I've experienced it. I've tried everything to avoid it, especially when the character is a fave of mine. It just doesn't happen like that unfortunately... Chuck's death influenced many of Thomas' actions. Newt's again demonstrated the effectiveness in friendship and loyalty -- the glue that kept the Gladers and everyone together. And Teresa's was random, yet I knew it was coming but just so sudden? And really in the last few chapters of the darn book? Just felt like a last ditch moment of 'oh, I should have one more die for the heck of it, eeny, meeny, myny, moe, I pick you....' Just felt a bit ridiculous, but things happen if you consider it. Hell even real life is full of those kinds of moments...

The Cranks, now that I think about it really reminded me of Zombs. Now while Zombs go for the brains, Cranks were just insane little buggers with rotting brains willing to attack and eat anything (or anyone) in plain sight. Like HOLY SH*T. I would NOT want to be out there with them that's for sure.

Oh, on another note before I forget COMPLETELY is the issue regarding Newt. Newt happens to be one of my favourites in the series overall. And all this talk of 'if he had the Flare from the start why didn't he show signs in the first two books?'

First of all -- and I just want to make it clear -- its only in the second book THE SCORCH TRIALS that WICKED had injected the Gladers and Group B with the Flare infection.
Secondly, Newt was too busy focusing on survival to even care about it. Hence not a lot of brain power useage during that, trust me. It's more of natural instincts than brain power action. Plus not too much was revealed regarding the full effects of the Flare.
Thirdly, being told you have an incurable disease that allows you to slowly go mad completely and lose all sense of self? Who WOULDN'T freak over that? And when you begin to think and freak over something, the worrying actually speeds the process. It's like if you have a pain in your side or whatever, and you didn't notice then someone points it out -- you're going to start worrying about it and it becomes much worse than it is. If you merely think of it logically, it really makes sense how Newt progressed so quickly when told he's not immune to the Flare.
Lastly, if you take into context of how the Flare speeds up and works -- with the whole 'if you think a lot or use up a lot of brain power, it merely feeds the infection' -- Newt was pretty upset with everything. Even more upon discovering he wasn't immune. Plus the whole loyalty and friendship factor with Newt impacts this as well -- he's also worrying about going completely bonkers and attacking his friends. Who wouldn't? Hell that'll freak me out if I had to worry about this disease slowly eating my brain to the point I'll be GONE and start having lovely thoughts about eating my family and friends for meals and whatever full blown Cranks do...

Just really the whole logic of it all is pretty simple if you think about it in general lol.

Now I've started with this series thinking it may be predictable, but really it blown me away in so many ways, I'm just simply stunned for most part. It's has been a hell of a ride and a blast reading this series. So many twists and turns, making my stomach lurch and my breath goes fast and just getting more and more anxious with each page -- waiting for the end -- yearning to know what happens. I must thank you Mr James Dashner for creating this series. It was truly one of a kind. Much more favourable to me than The Hunger Games Trilogy (sorry folks, THG fell short in a few areas for me unfortunately...).

Here's to unpredictably and a celebration of survival in this crazy messed-up world we live in -- oh SHUCK it -- it was MIND-BLOWINGLY AMAZING. <3