Realms of the Underdark (Forgotten Realms Anthology)

Realms of the Underdark - Elaine Cunningham, Brian M. Thomsen, J. Robert King, Roger E. Moore, Ed Greenwood, Mark Anthony Hmmm, 3.5-4, only because the Drizzt Do'Urden and Liriel Baenre stories saved it for me.

The other stories felt a bit weak. Probably because there wasn't much time to develop the characters and the overall details of everything else. Although there was one other short story that caught me in the end that made it worth while to read. Just everything else is very sparse.

Regardless, the Drizzt story was really something. It focused more on Zak, who I remembered from reading however much I did of the 1st Drizzt book before it was taken on me lol. I really liked the set up and how it developed everything really well. And by Lloth, the ending was really something. And them Driders (LAWL) gave me nightmares for a while. Hate to become one of them if I was a drow. :/

Liriel's story was alright. I think the problem for me was the fact there wasn't much of Liriel appearing in the story until more towards the end. Don't get me wrong, the story was great, just wished for more Liriel moments. :/

And the previews were something worth while getting to as well!

Off to more reading. :D

Until next time!