Shadow and Bone (Grisha Trilogy)

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo, Leigh Bardugo WOW, just WOWZA.

I love the world building, I mean HULLO RUSSIAN TERMINOLOGY AND INSPIRATION AND WHATNOT. <33333<br/>
4-4.5 Stars, because of little little LITTLE things.

From the Unsea to the Grisha, I love all the details that went into this world. Almost makes me want to jump into its pages and explore Alina's world for myself. The very details that was just poured into the Grisha (people with magical powers), the Shadow Fold (this really spooky place concealed in shadow full of the Voclgra, the evil nasties that plague it lol), and the cultural aspects of Alina's world really drew me in, heck even with the mention of the kefta made me go "SIGN ME UP I WANT ONE" lol. The mysteries surrounding Alina's world is vast and I only assume we'll learn more in the next two books (it's a trilogy YAY!).

Alina Starkov truly did feel like a strong female lead, although at times I felt she seemed to have a rather low opinion of herself...much lower than I would have believed--however I could understand it once her character development got better. And Mal, oh Mal, Mal, Mal, I just love him to bits lol. He is really quirky and steadfast. AND A TRACKER, how cool is that? >8D And the DARKLING oh my, he was delightful. Charismatic and alluring, yes, he caught me in his shadowy hold too Alina, no worries.

As for the details that made me go, 'ehhhhh' somewhat was probably fleshing out some character details. Some seemed flat and stereotypical [coughsgrishaslikezoya&thetwosummonergirls&blahcoughs] lol. And too many "PRETTY" people syndrome. I mean, sure its nice to be attractive and pretty and blah blah, but where's the norm? Must the interesting/cool/awesome people be OHMYDROPDEADBEAUTIFUL all the time? Just wondering. :/
/end rant

I'm surprised I didn't read this sooner. :c

Get next book ASAP.

This book was really a nice break from others I've been reading that just made me depressed with reading (mostly dystopian ones) hence my ASDFGHJKL response to this. It just got be excited again about reading, so I'm just very happy. But after thinking about it, there were things that could have been improved on and whatnot, but it doesn't change how this book helped get me out of a depressing slump of "game overs" and "yeah, we lied everyone dies trololololol" kind of books I've been reading, soooo...until next time keep on reading everyone! <3