Unearthly - Cynthia Hand GAAAH DAT ENDING.

.....m'kay, I'm done fangirling, and this is by far HOW you do an angel paranormal series! I was starting to think Halo, Fallen and Hush, Hush were the only ones (yeah, I still like you though, but sometimes you make me go meh lolz), but but but but BUT UNEARTHLY not only succeeds my expectations it went beyond that! And here I was thinking there was NO improvement in this department...so THANK YOU CYNTHIA HAND. [applauds loudly] And MY GOD EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK IS LIKE ASDFGHJKL. <3<br/>
Oh the characters in this book, just WOW. Each are distinct and memorable, and would love to meet (well maybe not 'certain' ones lol). To be honest it's more like I'm just going TUCKER TUCKER GIVE ME MORE TUCKER. <3333 through out the majority of the novel lolz. <br/>
....anyways going back to Clara the main protagonist, she's alright, still trying to figure herself out in the world, WHILE dealing with the fact she has some sort of angelic destiny to fulfill, dun dun dun DUUUUUUUN. I love how her mom is still present throughout the story with her own mysteries (hopefully will be revealed in the next upcoming books) and her brother is particularly well-placed into the story and his personality lol.

Then there's Christian. Yeah. Chriiiiiistian. I liked him but it was like m'kay stereotypical much? Like Wen would say he's a "god that must be worshiped from a distance" and I completely comply with that notion. I kind of figured him out pretty well at a certain point in the story, pegged it really. I actually was standing in front of a mirror and was like HA! and pointing at my reflection going all I KNEW IT pfffft. Although I'm rather peeved how his existence seems to be driving a wedge between Clara and TUCKER. Dude you DO NOT MESS WITH THE RELATIONSHIP, I DON'T CARE IF ITS YOUR ANGELIC DESTINY, YOU DO NOT MESS WITH IT.

Erm, sorry about that, anyways.....moving on to Wendy and Angela!

Wendy, or rather Wen, the first friend Clara gains is pretty loyal and respectable (liek every good friend in these kind of books are). There were moments that just made me go GAAAAAAH because of the misunderstandings between them (mostly because Clara has to keep her secret and LIE). Regardless I look forward to how their friendship develops. PLUS SHE'S TWINS WITH TUCKER AVERY ASDFGHJKL.

Angela -- she's mysterious. I mean what's up with her. I need to know what she's doing but she remains secretive constantly. But I love her personality. So bewitching lolz.

Lastly TUCKER. <3333<br/>I really loved how the relationship developed between Tucker and Clara. It wasn't instanta love or instanta lust as many book couples tend to fall victim to--it was natural. THANK THE ANGELS. And my gosh, he just reminded me that I should get my own Tucker ASAP, oh wait I already do. <33333 <br/>
I really liked how it picked up during the last 2/3 of the novel. Can't wait to see where this will end up. Cynthia Hand, you've just become my current FAVE angel author of mine now. Yay! <33333 <br/>