Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent - Veronica Roth This would be a 4 stars (would have been 4.5 or 5 star rating...), but THAT ending, DAT ENDING GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH......

I swear I think I just died or something.

But, erm, I'll regain my posture to write this finally....


Yes, I know I've rated this a 4 stars, but I think most of this book was just to branch from Divergent to the last one (it's STILL UNTITLED GAAAAH), and it made it long (I'm alright with it, I like reading) but for many it would seem a bit tedious or something. But I know Tris' actions and behaviour in this book made me go GAAAAAH at times (IS DAT BELLA IN INSURGENT REPLACING TRIS OHMYGODNUOOOOO) but she turned back into her kickass self in the last quarter of the book, soooo I'll forgive her THIS time. It is merely because I could understand the amount of trauma one would go through killing one of your best friends, aka WILL amongst the genocide of the Abnegation, like seriously THAT killed me just reading it in the 1st one! And it just seemed that it was never-ending deaths here (then again we're at war and people are making stupid decisions yet again, yaaaaaay BAH).

But I must commend how I really did like the other characters introduced and seeing various new things like the Candor and Amity plus Erudite places. I just kind of wish there was a bit more description in places. However I really did like how things unfolded, but at times it just seemed random lol (well maybe not so much since everything is SO unpredictable here...but hear me out there were several moments where I just went WHUTNOHUHGAAAAAAAAAAAH).

TRIS/BEATRICE -- she was okay but to be honest....she was whiny and felt like she just GAVE UP, like HULLO she kept running off and hoping to die like Bella and I was like really now? THAT AIN'T HONOURING YOUR PARENTS GIRL OR WHAT HAPPENED TO WILL GEEZUS. GROW UP A LITTLE IT'S A WAR GAAAAH. [coughs] Where was I? Ah yes....thankfully the REAL Tris seemed to wake up thus killing off Bella-Tris and kicked some ass again, I fervently hope this continues in the last one, so please Roth, DON'T BRING BELLA WHINY TRIS BACK YES?

Then Four/Tobias....hrm, I was like ehhhhh at parts but I liked him enough. I love how his faith in Tris was restored in the end though. And here I thought I'd have to give him a shake-down mentally in my mind, so THANK YOU VERONICA ROTH for saving me from doing that and possibly getting a knife thrown at me lol.

I can't wait for the last book!!!!
and a breather, MUST calm down