The Legacy: Legacy of the Drow, Book I

The Legacy (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #7) - R.A. Salvatore, Jeff Easley Wowza, 4.5 stars for me. :3

More Drizzt! >8D

There is like the 7th book in the overall Drizzt series. I see why its so well regarded and whatnot. The action scenes are seemless. And the characters, if you've been following the series along the way, have been built upon and such.

Now whereas some people have issues with: like the whole Drider thing -- they should know its the whole basis of the Drow culture and their worship for the Spider Queen, Lloth. Like honestly if you don't know the culture or the religious basis of these races and characters, of course it'll be ridiculous! The background information regarding various details to each of the character's race -- human, dwarf, drow, halfling, etc etc -- at this point R.A. Salvatore expects his readers to be (at least) well versed in the whole mythology and background. These fantasy books, especially high fantasy -- LOVE their background stories and the likes (hullo LORD OF THE RINGS ANYONE???).

Regardless, this story really had me going WTFudge with Wulfgar with his whole jealousy-overprotective matter -- again I know its the background and culture talking but its like really lol? (Personally I was like lol, are you serious people? And laughed a bit...trolololol) And Catti-Brie, calm down a bit with that matter. It's pride over logic sometimes with these characters -- and honour.

Besides that this book was pretty good in my opinion.

Anyway enough rambling, onto the next book.