Streams of Silver (Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 2)

Streams of Silver - R.A. Salvatore Wow, what an intense ride this was.

Drizzt and the gang trying to find the mythical Mithril Hall of Breunor's forefathers as others trailed behind them, each with their own agendas for the group. It was certainly something.

While other reviews on here deem this installment not all that worthy or whatever, I have to disagree. It really built on various characters, even introducing notable characters for future installments. Basically this one does a great deal of setting up for the last book in this trilogy in the overall Drizzt series. I really liked how certain characters that weren't really "present" in the last book -- this being Catti-Brie mainly -- and developed them further. So I really liked that.

The end was quite something.

Geezus, its hard to write this without spoiling. .____."

Unfortunately I do not have the next book, but I have the others, so I'll be forced to skip around a bit lol.