Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Oh my poor poor poor sweet heart, I have no more words to express the emotions fluttering through me nor any good reason for my tears other than, thank you, thank you for such a precious story that broke my heart in so many ways but also repaired it somehow. The joy I feel now is bliss and this story will always be dear to me. Thank you. <3<br/>
This series has become truly dear to me over the years ever since I've heard about Clockwork Angel. And it did not disappoint me, in fact it surpassed my expectations and beyond. So much love went into this, and it truly shows. And like a very good friend of mine said on her review: This is most certainly Cassandra Clare at her VERY best. And she's right for a lot of reasons.

Just GAAAAAAAAAAAH my heart still needs time to process all this... < / 3