Hallowed: An Unearthly Novel

Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Oh my goodness, I seem to have hit a winning streak of stories that tug on my heartstrings and yes--inevitably make me cry. I don't know how much more my poor heart can take. I just went through the heartbreak magnificence that was Clockwork Princess and now this...? Just put me out of my misery now... so much emotional blackmail.... I swear my poor poor poor heart will need LOTS of mending from this emotional trauma, doesn't help that so many series are ending this year, but I digress.

Regardless back to talking about Hallowed.


Well I guess I can start with how I love how the book actually BUILDS on the plot and not just the usual "bridge" between the first and the final books. Like I was surprised. I don't mind bridge books but this one really stood out for me, both emotionally and plot-wise.

The characters all developed further much to my expectations! I just love when characters grow and develop. Although these characters felt like they were actually figuring themselves out--especially Clara. She's constantly fighting against what her "duty" seems to be and who she wants to be, its just beautiful to see that. Tucker, oh Tucker he was just PERFECT as usual. Quite the man too lol. Then Christian...wow, he actually grew on me a bit, but not that much--only because he feels like, to me, very, um, dutiful but at the same time I can see he cares about Clara, HOWEVER how he went about it irks me a tad bit. Angela is a darling as always, same as Wendy (although there was something that made me go, 'um, okay, hold up a second here' but I think it was just my personal opinion and experiences intervening there lol). As an older sister myself I kind of already assumed ahead of time everything Jeffrey went through (only because I see a lot of my younger brother in him). And Maggie, oh dear precious Maggie, she was wonderful in Hallowed. My heart still hurts from thinking about everything that transpired however. I can only assume the character growth will improve in both the novella and in the final book. This I'm looking forward to seeing.

I'll be waiting until Boundless comes out in paperback since I got Unearthly and Hallowed in paperback plus it'll give me a chance to get a Kindle to read the novella Radiance.

Such a beautiful series. <3333