The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle)

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater Where to start, this was good after it hit a certain part and suddenly I was like on a roll and I didn't wanna stop like M'kaaaaaaaaaayOHMYGODMUSTREAAAAAAAAAAAADGAHHHHHHHHHHWHYDIDYOUDOTHATTOME???? [BAWLS]

3.5 Stars for me.

It's a slow read. That's for sure. Slow to start but it builds up gradually. So if you're a person that likes to jump into the story right away...I'd have some patience or I'd pass this on unfortunately (BUT IT IS GOOD).

Now it was weird with this book for me, largely because I've pretty much read every OTHER Stiefvator book that is out there...and yet, it took me SOOOO long to get attached to the characters. It actually had me worried. D: Then again I've been reading mostly 1st POV novels while this one is in 3rd POV (so it was probably me trying to remember how reading 3rd POV felt like...) I dunno to be honest, but I found it a bit hard to get into this (then again life impacts reading sooo....moving on). And the names, I dunno just seemed so....out there? Like "Blue"? I mean I liked it, but it's like how Gansey pointed out, Jane could have easily done it as well. But I admire that pointed out in the book so I forgave it (nice comical moments it had lol).

The plot...again, it felt VERY slow to start with, and I'm fine with slowness, but at a certain point I was getting worried. I wasn't growing attached, like I mean I liked them, but it just wasn't....connecting until about more than halfway. Then again the book overall felt like it was building the foundation for a bigger and better storyline (I still have faith in Stiefvator, she hasn't let me down yet with all of her books, no sirree!). That reasoning would also explain how it feels slow and takes time to actually connect with the characters, and I can totally understand that. But still it kind of felt like the real story began late in, like there were hints but...I dunno felt like more could have been inserted earlier in the story. Again that's just me. :/

I'm hoping with the next book things pick up and I become more engrossed and attached to these characters but I WANT to like, or even LOVE them. I felt like it was SOOOOO close, I just needed a bit more and I would have. So hopefully the next book makes up for that.

Until next time!