Where She Went

Where She Went  - Gayle Forman Wow, oh wow, oh WOW.

Yeah, definitely LOVED this one more than its prequel. The story centers off 3 years after the accident that occurred in If I Stay and boy does it really improve it for me. Where I thought Forman lacked in If I Stay she certainly cleaned it up in Where She Went which just makes me giddy with happiness! <333 <br/>
For me Adam's voice is stronger and I felt more compelled to read the story, like OMG PLEASE MORE SO I CAN SOB FROM HAPPINESS.

It's really interesting with the lyrics incorporation and the flashbacks mixed with the present day events that really just flowed along perfectly for me. Just very poignant and endearing (yes, even with all the cuss words lol). To me this was an angry guy that lost everything dear to him and NEVER found closure, Adam SYMBOLIZED that. It was just so heartbreakingly beautiful.

I will for sure read another one of Gayle Forman's novels--this duology just made my week (and helped me through an essay and studying lol). <333