Archon: The Books of Raziel

Archon  - Sabrina Benulis Just ehhhhhhhhhhh no. No. N-O. NO.

Felt VERY bland from what I remember. Character were cliched and VERY FLAT. Angela just felt like she was everyone's beyotch and was her only interesting point was the fact she could not die, even including her suicide attempts that failed, like, um, what? I'm sorry, just no. Weird plot stuff going on, characters were random, a lot just annoyed me. Although world-wise, it was an interesting atmosphere but there was SO MUCH I DID NOT LIKE SO MEHHHHH.

I'm sorry, just no.

I could continue on ranting, but then I'd have to reread this book JUST to remember what the hell happened that really irked me in more ways than one, just hell no.

Archon, what do you have to say for yourself?
Yes you did Archon, yes you did, you disappointed me TERRIBLY.