Starling - Lesley Livingston 2.75 to 3 stars (yeah, Fennrys saved this for me).

Um, wow, I dunno what to say to be honest than I was a bit disappointed. Okay I was RATHER disappointed with Starling. I'm sorry but I really was.

I really like all of Lesley Livingston's books, heck I've been a fan ever since her first book,Wondrous Strange, fell into my hands through a contest.

However this was--is basically setting up the entire story. Personally I would have liked it to have been one complete story (I see that this a duology). It would have flowed better, much better for me. It just seemed rather slow. Heck, I think, easily about more than half of this novel could have been either shortened or cut, then just jump right into the actual story which I assume happens in the last book.

The characters felt a bit flat-ish for me, probably because the story seemed so slow. Like I liked this and the characters, but I also felt like we haven't really BEGUN to scratch the surface here.

HOWEVER Fennrys returns in Starling so that's a bonus for everyone that loved him in the Wondrous Strange trilogy. He was one of my favourite characters in that one. I'm glad he was in this one, his appearance probably what saved this the most for me, along with Rafe and Roth. <3333<br/>
I will be reading the last one however to complete the story, and I have a feeling I'll like the last half more than this one.

Until next time!
really breaks my heart that this lacked severally in areas for me, WHY LESLEY LIVINGSTON WHY????