Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  - J.K. Rowling There's no doing this. I can't review. Words aren't magically enough for this series as a whole. It has been with me since I was 9 years old and I'm 21 now. That's how much it means to me. And just rereading this for the laughs and the gasps and wonders of returning to Hogwarts for Year Two is just unexpressable.

I mean, this has a lot going for it. Each book themselves is a story of their own, while in the background the main and true heart of the story slowly unfolds, and I love it. <3<br/>
Just rereading this reminds me exactly how much I didn't expect to see foreshadowing and shaping the rest of the series as a whole.

I just can't, I really can't do this enough justice, so I'll let my heart and my 5 stars do it for me.

Thank you Litchick, aka Cory for reminding me I need another reread of this series! <3<br/>it's been waaaay too long