Unmade (the Lynburn Legacy Book 3)

Unmade (the Lynburn Legacy Book 3) - Sarah Rees Brennan {September 29th, 2014} THE REVIEW

“You existing in the world is all I need.”

2.5 stars.

Seeing the page, I think out of everyone I know and am following, I'm the first to actually review this. no pressure lol It's an odd sensation for me. But anyways to my thoughts on this ending to this series.

Going into this I was kind of hoping this would break the whole "the last book wasn't what I expected and hoped for and felt meh". It doesn't break it completely. Had a moment that it could have but just fell flat to me. I'm rather conflicted, seeing that I was fiddling with my rating for a while and settled on that rating. I can't go higher because it didn't...exceed my expectations, I also can't lower it because I'd read worse endings to series than this. Not that it was worse or bad, because it came up as a "...huh?" for me. Mostly because it fell flat and made me almost go meh.

And I was seriously hoping I wouldn't have to be groaning and feeling so conflicted about this as I write this review, but ugh I have to sadly.

When I began reading this, I kind of had a different picture how this would end. Somehow I thnik I felt more robbed of the creepy dark ending I had imagine, especially from the blurb. Yes there were a few moments where I was like "okay, my heart is seriously breaking" but for most part I just shrugged and moved on. Maybe my heart has hardened a bit. Maybe I am being more critical or whatnot. But I do know I was expecting more, especially from how the first two book set it up.

Okay, seriously I have spoilers in this for a REASON.


There's several things why I felt rather robbed and conflicted about this book. I seriously expected more. I felt like I got a mediocre ending where surprise! happy ending for nearly everyone. For most part the whole gamble didn't feel as life-threatening as it should have, in fact I pretty much expected x characters to survive, and they did..

And the jokes, I felt they were trying REALLY hard to be funny more so this time than the other books. Sometimes it felt unnecessary. But other times, it did save me. I swear Kami's father's jokes were probably the best ones.

And the relationships, oh my goodness... I was kind of like cringing for a good part of the book as it just flickered back and forth, back and forth and was headdesking a fair bit. I was happy with some, but the main romance department just had me rolling my eyes. Just not what I expected. And Kami, staph with the weird pet names, they just rubbed me the wrong way, like wowza.

seriously I am warning you, these are MAJOR spoilers aheadlast chance to turn backokay if you click again, please don't regret this and blame me, I gave you plenty of chances to turn backHenry Thornton and Rusty, I mean gah it gutted me but I expected more for them. FYI: I did cry for them, Rusty more than Thornton unfortunately...

All and all, for a 'final' battle type of book, it felt a bit lacklustre and totally different from what I was expecting...kind of like as I neared, I was getting my hopes up only to get this response instead:

Quite frankly, I'm a bit sad and slightly disappointed okay maybe more disappointed than sad but still... ^^;

“You are the greatest achievement of your own life.”