Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson “Let me tell you something straight off. This is a love story, but not like any you've ever heard. The boy and the girl are far from innocent. Dear lives are lost. And good doesn't win.”

3.5 to 4 stars-ish (really hard to rate this, like wowza!).

Mixed feelings arise as I finished this. I loved the beginning then as the middle came and the ending neared, I found myself unable to. There's lots of love/hate feelings intertwined for me with this story. I really loved the narrative while at times I was just like ASDFGHJKL with how things unfolded.

Tiger Lily, just so much love for her. She's strong, selfless, brave, amongst other things. And she really grows overall. But there were parts of the book that really just made me go UGH out loud. Others I adored the writing and descriptions as the painted a vivid landscape of Jodi Lynn Anderson's representation of Neverland, as well as the other beloved characters that we know of Barrie's original Peter Pan.

Tink's narrative voice was really appealing to me. I really liked how Anderson portrays Tink. Overall I adored Tink and Tiger Lily together. Combined they really made the story for me. There were several other characters too but I think these two certainly did, along with Tik Tok and others (but I won't go into too much details since it would be spoilery!). So shhhhhh! xD

The ending broke my heart probably in more ways than one. I knew what was going to happen and yet I did cry. Teared up as my heart cracked and broke a bit like a damp breaking under the excess weight of water.

“Sometimes I think that maybe we are just stories. Like we may as well just be words on a page, because we're only what we've done and what we are going to do.”