Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original

Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original - Aaron Corwin {January 7th, 2015} MINI-REVIEW TIME

3.5 stars (because that ending)!

“Shall we collect some souls?”

It was such an adorable short story (sorry Ix’thor, but it really was). Just reading this made me want a demon of my own!

You see, I'm allergic to cats and dogs, plus I was never allowed to have a pet, not really. I was always that girl that would go over to her friend's place when she was little and play and see her friends with their own pets and want one for herself. Especially when their pets wanted to play with you more than their owners at times lol. (I know a cat that LOVED playing with me whenever I was over)

I don't think I ever wanted a pony though (sorry Mathilde).

Although the details are short, they truly pact punch with them and Ix'thor the Dark Lord demon truly lights up (or rather darkens) the room whenever he appears in the story. I really enjoyed the spin on the classic I-Want-A-Pet story that you're used to either seeing or reading when you were young, especially if your own parents didn't let you have a pet of any kind.

But that ending...