My Sunshine Away A Novel

My Sunshine Away A Novel - M.O. Walsh {January 21st, 2015} ARC RECEIVED + THOUGHTS THUS FAR

Although I received this the other day, it is an ARC copy I received via a Goodreads Giveaway so I will be reading it, and posting the review later and closer to the release date me thinks. I'm enjoying it so far though!

{January 23rd, 2015} FINISHED READING

Holy... *brains shuts down as she absorbs everything*

{January 29th, 2015} MINI PRE-REVIEW

4.5 Stars.

I finished it before I left for my short trip, but didn't update because short on time and because it'll still be some time before this is officially released so I'm waiting a bit.

Although I will say this at the moment it's one hell of a ride. Definitely will be an intense read for anyone I think with the subject it deals with. Although it deals with the subject via an outsider, the impact is so intense that it carries the story through and there's twists that when finding out that I should have realized via the tiny clues given and sprinkled throughout. There's also the aspect of issues that the main narrator progresses through as he looks back at his past over the duration--I was quite impressed with how smoothly the character growth he displayed and yet surprised at times. It was definitely a read worth while. o:

Mind you there's a lot to say, the main narrator isn't without flaws and whatnot. The story really begins at a naive place until you dive further into the subject and the intensity that lies deeper than we actually talk about the said subject these days--without things getting out of hand (trust me, I've been there way too many times and people just either get uncomfortable or awkward or childish or very rarely can it be discussed about truly in a way that it is civil enough to think about).

I could go on and on, but I think it's better to discuss and think about the subject upon finishing the book itself. It really leaves you speechless at what you just finished. Will reread this again to provide a better review hopefully.