Golden Son

Golden Son  - Pierce Brown {January 21st, 2015} WHAT BLOODYDAMN REVIEW?!



“Wise men read books about history. Strong men write them.”

I remember once upon a time reading the first book Red Rising and giving all the stars of the sky, when really I did not even dream that already this series already carved itself its own star for Golden Son --I can only imagine what the final book Morning Star will craft and take for itself as its reward...

But in all honesty at the moment, this is currently me:

I literally sat there, staring at the floor as my eyes burned with the tears that wanted to fall but couldn't. Golden Son rose to my expectations and flourished my hopes a multitude that I could never fathom, and it did not fall into the pit fall that so many sequels tend to do in a trilogy--it triumph where very few have done for me.

Now I couldn't update with my notes (not that I really have any)...I have so much to say but at a loss on where to even start, or if I can even tell of it, or do this review justice for this book. I like to think I did my best with Red Rising but even now I feel so small as the book's story's presence still looms over me. There is too much to take in to breath. Too many places where waxing poetic justice and weaving the right words together would go astray and wrong. Too less of something that I can actually do at the moment other than wait, brood, and think as my own mind stands in the middle of its own battlefield among the stories I've read and written for years...

The words will not come at this moment so instead I'll repeat myself again--Pierce Brown you have successfully, not only ruin this entire genre for me, but shattered beyond everything I've ever known. It also reminds me that my own writing has a long way to go. After finishing with my heart in my throat, it wasn't until I read the author's own words at the end that made me cry finally...because he understands, he has put into words the kind of dream I've always had for myself secretly--and this debut series is the product of that euphoric enlightening he has attained.

Will be doing a reread of both books soon at some point, perhaps then I'll be able to do this justice at last? Probably will be after my boyfriend reads them, he's interested lol. But in the meantime, I just cannot fathom anything into words other than shaking my head and trying not to tear up while working on my own stories, and polishing them tenfold. A story needs to be emotional, needs a narrator that you, the reader, can connect with and relate, needs to be gripping, needs the best of the best in descriptions of painting an entire world that only you the writer knows of in his/her head. In other words, Golden Son has become what it was supposed to do.

Red Rising stirred the rebellious fire in us, driving us to take up arms with Darrow at the helm, cheering him on even as the last moments raged around us...

Golden Son cemented this fire and became the very representation of the Red turned Gold Darrow we needed to see unfold and become the very change that this corrupted society so desperately needs and Eo's last and only hope to her dream...

Morning Star will be the twilight peak of Darrow's story as we struggle to hold on as our Helldiver dives once more...

I await these bloodydamn hellish unknowns with bated breath.

“Home isn't where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”


{February 2nd 2014} UPDATE

[takes notes that it'll be probably released January 2015]