Scene from Haden's POV

Scene from Haden's POV - Gwen Hayes As the veil between our worlds separated, my heart leapt to my throat. Would she see my world as beautiful? Or would it scare her as it should?

4.5 stars.

As beautiful, lyrical and short this scene was, I don't know whether I will try the books themselves. It's an odd thought to have. But I really enjoy Haden's POV, a refreshing break from all the female YA POV we get these days. However it is rather short but it is good enough to present to us a particular feel to the narrative.

Unfortunately this isn't the same narrative that the actual books would have, I imagine.

I guess I'll keep on dreaming of Haden's world through this particular scene for now, until I find myself picking up the actual book(s).

Hope that should not be born and desire that could never fruit. That’s what we were. The pain and the longing were only just beginning for us both. I smiled at her then, deciding she’d had enough of my world for one night.