Blocked - Seanan McGuire I was more Wednesday Addams than Marcia Brady, more sarcastic than sunny, and more cynical than cheer-tastic.

4.5 stars.

I really love how the narrator starts out in that class cliched highschool cheer-off but turns it upside down on it's head. It's merely a cover for Antimony Price to get the supposedly normal highschool life. And all the references that are sprinkled throughout this short story is enough to have me geeking out. I mean, if you didn't get the X-Men reference, that's a bit sad in my opinion. But it's pretty epic that it's been weaved into the narrative and it doesn't talk the reader down. It actually brings the reader into the story, welcoming them with various references before getting to business.

And Antimony Price's business is monster protecting from their greatest, humans.

If this is the storyline that is pertaining to the 'Present Day Storyline' then this is a very solid start for me.