Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella - Wataru Murayama 3.5 stars.

Very bizarre tale of a guy that hates girls that gets put under a curse. Every time at the strike of 12 noon, he becomes a girl until the strike of midnight. An interesting concept of a story, in which Haruhiko truly learns how difficult it is to be a girl in this world at times with stalker rapists--he nearly gets raped during his first time as a girl by this creepy hobo dude and back-stabbing beyotches who apparently is twisted and is jealous of his female counterpart for knowing his best friend, and is apparently a fan of his best friend and the likes. He also learns what it means being on the other side of the gender spectrum in comparison to what he has done in the past and his new experiences as a girl. It's an interesting way to teach him a life-defining lesson that most guys should be subjugated to in order to understand the plight of females.

And this is merely the beginning too!

I still think for a first book this was rather ajarringy confusing to begin with, plus the guy's personality needs to shape up better, hopefully in the upcoming chapters as he learns to adapt to his curse.

NOTE: This is the only book on here of this series even though it's an ongoing series.