The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles : Demon Gate

The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles : Demon Gate - Marty Chan {August 5th, 2014} THE REVIEW

3.5 to 4-ish stars.

Wow, this book really blends together steampunk elements, alternate historical fiction, fantasy, and various aspects into one book. I was rather impressed how it meshed together. Although as I was reading, I kept waiting for that big BANG moment that would knock me off my feet after the first chapters but it never really seemed to happen afterwards, I mean there is a fraction of a part like that at the very end, but it wasn't enough.

A very interesting and fast read, it's certainly worth the time to check it out, especially if you love Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini grouped with inter-dimensional travels and conspiracies and whatnot!