Who By Fire

Who By Fire - Fred Stenson {January 13th, 2015} MINI-REVIEW

3 stars.

Wow, to think it took me this long to actually get to this book (so sorry!).

But man, this story was so draining most of the time. Was following along rather well, although at least 64% into the story, I realized there were two separate storylines....and here I thought it was just another character with the same name lol. It had a good pace most of the time or else it just dragged. By the end of the book I was just sighing because it just got more and more painful the more I read--story-wise, it feels as if there was nothing but pain in this family. I honestly felt bad. Even at the end I felt bad but it really let me think about environmental matters, like I was in my Environmental Literature class again, which was a weird feeling to have lol.

It wasn't bad but not as good, the writing was nice but I was left besides myself by the end.


{August 8th, 2014} BOOK RECIEVED

Can I say, holy smokes, THAT WAS FAST?!


{August 5th, 2014} UPDATE

Oooooh, I won this in a giveaway! So exciting. o: