The Fairy-Tale Detectives

The Fairy-Tale Detectives - Peter Ferguson, Michael Buckley “The night is young, and by the grace of magic, so are we.”

2 stars, even 2.5 stars at best.

Unfortunately this didn't make me feel as young as I should be. In fact, I felt bored and felt like reading this was a bit of a chore, which is sad. Again it might have something to do with reading my previous book at the same time so I pretty much could say, out of the both of them--this one was the lesser. :/

Daphne and several characters were the saving graces for me, whereas Sabrina merely dominated the narrative and killed a far bit of the enjoyment for me. Therefore I've dubbed her Sabrina the Joy Killer, much to my distaste. But both sisters were extreme opposites--either one is too engrossed with everything (Daphne <3) or they're so darn septic that they ruin the fun for others (this was Sabrina for me).<br/>
Other than that the fairytale aspect was really interesting, especially the twist at the end made me smile and laugh a bit. I just wish there was more for me there to enjoy--namely if Sabrina hadn't seemed so negative and whiny throughout the story. Again, I can understand Sabrina's character, it's just how she was presented to us, the readers, was a major turn-off for me on several grounds. x:

“You can't judge the many by the actions of the few.”