The Good Earth

The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck {February 2nd, 2015} MINI-REVIEW

3 stars.

“The rich are always afraid.”

Showcasing the struggles and hardships that many Chinese and China as a whole overcame. Truly shows the whole difference of being a girl or boy there, and the importance of having a boy over a girl. It's a very interesting perspective outlook into the overall aspect of China and its people. Pearl S. Buck really knew what she was dealing with her and wanted to portray and display for her readers to read, grasp and understand as they finish.

It's sad how sparsely I've been reading this that it's hard for me to think back. It's truly lyrical and really just carries you along. And clearly illustrates the hardships that Wang Lung endures and strives throughout the course of the story.

“I am always glad when any of my books can be put into an inexpensive edition, because I like to think that any people who might wish to read them can do so. Surely books ought to be within reach of everybody.” --Pearl S. Buck