Grip of the Shadow Plague

Grip of the Shadow Plague - Brandon Mull “Don't let the brownies bite.”

4.5 (almost 5 gaaaaah!) stars.

This happens to be my favourite out of the 3 I've read thus far. There's so much life and love that went into these pages and story here (this is really noticeable since I'm reading another series by Mull that just recently finished). The characters and story really accumulate here. I'm impatiently awaiting for the 4th book, hopefully I'll have it by Thursday.

Sorry for the mini reviews lately, I'm just not really up for long winded ones where I ramble nonstop nonsense lol. :P

Also, I leave you with this:

“I guess Smart Seth is glad, he said reluctantly. But be careful. Idiot Seth is the guy to watch out for.”